About Our Church

International Christian Center (ICC) held its first public service in December 1990 at Sunshine Inn, Chula Vista under the leadership and guidance of Sis. Virginia Cruz. On August 1992, Sis. Virgie was formally inducted and installed as the Senior Pastor of ICC.

On January 1993, God provided for ICC to establish its permanent home at 1236 Third Ave in Chula Vista.

On 1994, Pastor Dave Montajes took over the reins of leadership. At present. Pastor Dave is continually being mightily used by God in encouraging the ICC family to fulfill God’s vision in the expansion of His kingdom.

Since its beginning in 1990 the Lord has graciously blessed International Christian Center through His goodness and faithfulness. The Lord started the church with a group of 20 persons and over the years has added hundreds to that number. The preaching and teaching of His Word is at the very center of what International Christian Center is all about. From the pulpit, to leadership training classes, and cell group meetings, the Lord has been faithful to bless His Word and change lives.